Nude Fire Extinguishers

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대한 소방 공사 

Zephyr Archangel in Heaven is making Nude Fire Extinguishers!!
Korea Fire Fighting Corporation(대한 소방 공사)
who are the inventor of Nude Fire Extinguisher, Transparent Plastics , established in 2002, for making a new type of fire extinguisher which can automatically suppress the fire occurred at same time that can be manually treated by hands. you can find the concept of this patented internationally fire extinguisher, which can be filled up with Dry Chemicals, Wet Chemicals, even Halon.

This Manually operating and also simultaneously & automatically erupting fire extinguishers might be replaced with your existing fire extinguishers nearby around yourself. And also we are maker of the following items;
1. Automatically Diffusing Fire Extinguishers(Poly Carbonate Cylinder and Plastics valves equipped)
2. Fire Extinguishers for manual operation
3. Electrical Lamp and Lightings filled with Fire Extinguishers
4. Sign Boards/Display Board/Advertisement Board with electric lumnination filled with    fire extinguishers
5. Mist Electrical Lamp for Automobiles filled with Fire Extinguishers
6. Rubber Tyres for Automobiles filled with Dry Chemical and Nitrogen Gas
7. Other purposes for fire extinguishers for such as System Equipment to be used for Twin System (together with AFFF and Dry Chemical)
You can easily find our companys blog sites in the world wide webs, such as AngelFire, MySpace, MadeInChina, TagWorld, ConstantContact, MyWay, Tripod, in the name of Korea Fire Fighting Corporation, as well as the Korean Blogs, such as Daum, Naver, Empas, HanaFos, HotMail, MSN, Yahoo, Google, BlogIn, Blog24, BlogNet Live Journal, Blogsource, Word Pad, Xanga, Imeem, World Sentiment,, Photo Bucket, Flckr, Film Loop, Live Digital, Image Shack, Tripod Blogs, Phicture Trail, My Space(More than 20 Groups),, Flock, Snap Fish,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and so on and on forever;;;;
Polycarbonate Cylinder*™*(PC)™
Polycarbonate Cylinder*TM* for Pressure-Containers can be used for Fire Extinguishers, Aerosol Sprays for insect killers, Hair Sprays or Topics and also for Spray(Aerosol) Types of Fire Extinguishers;
Main Characteristics of Polycarbonate:
a. Transparent/Nude/Visible/Clean
b. Strong enough for +140C -60C
c. Weather-resistant
d. Impact-Resistant
e. Heat-Resistant
f. UV Sustainable
g. Engineering Plastics from GE, Dow-Chemical, Buyer
h. Tested in Aero-spaces by Astronaut Mr. Amstrong in the Moon.
i. Newly improved by Lexan Calibre and Mikatron
1. Fire Extinguishers, Dry Chemical  or Wet Chemicals
2. Pressure-Containers, replacing Aluminum or Steel Cans, for Insect Killers or Hair Sprays/Topics
3. Cooking Gas(Butan or LPG) Containers instead of Steel cans
4. Spray types of Fire Extinguishers, 
containing Halon, AFFF, Dry Chemicals or Liquids(Reinforced Surffectants)
5. Any Other application without Pressure Containing
Other Chemical properties of PC;
1) Impact strength: The impact strength of solid PC sheets is 250 times 
that of glass, and the impact strength of hollow PC sheets is 80 times 
that of glass 
2) Light weight: the weight of a solid PC sheet is only about half of 
glass, and the weight of a hollow PC sheet is only about one twelfth 
at the same thickness 
3) Transparency: The light transmission of a 3mm solid PC sheet is 88%, 
and the light transmission of a6mm hollow PC sheet is 80% 
4) UV-protection: A PC sheet is co-extruded with a high-density ultra 
violet ray that also keeps the PC sheet from discoloring 
5) Resistance to weather: A PC sheet has resistance to bad weather and 
maintains excellent properties in a wide temperature range from -40 
to 120oC 
6) Inhibiting condensation: When the outdoor temperature is 0oC 
and the indoor temperature is 23oC, the PC sheet will be 
condensation up to 80% humidity 
7) Thermal insulation: The K-value of glass is 1.2 times that of solid 
a PC sheet and is 1.7 times that of a hollow PC sheet. PC sheets 
saves energy while preventing heat loss 
8) Sound insulation: The hollow form and polycarbonate resin offers 
significant advantage to that of glass 
9) Flame Resistance: Through testing by the National Center for Quality 
Supervision & Testing of Fire Building Materials, the material is 
rated as Class B1 according to QB8624-1997 standards 
10) Easy installation: A PC sheet can be bent while hot or cold and can 
be used on curved roves and windows. The minimum radius of curvature 
of a PC sheet is 175 times of its thickness. 
Technical Features: 
1) Impact strength: 850J/m 
2) Light transmission: 88% 
3) Specific gravity: 1.2 g/cm3 
4) Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.065 
5) Temperature: -40 to 120oC 
6) Heat conductivity: 2.3-3.9 W/m2 
7) Tensile strength: >602 
8) Flexural strength: 1002 
9) Modulus of elasticity: 2,400Mpa 
10) Tensile street at break: >65Mpa 
11) Elongation at break: >100% 
12) Specific heat: 1.16J/kg.K 
13) Heat deflection temperature: 140oC 
14) Soundproofing: (6mm solid): 20db 

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지금 부터 2007년 가을 인데,

악덕 사기꾼들인 전국의 충약업자(대부분 ,소방 장비 및 관련 제품 가게를 운영거나 점검하는 소방 설비판매업자 및 소방 설비설치업자 및 일반 소화기 충약을 조장하는 소방서 소방관들 모두)가 뒷 구멍으로 충약을 조장-이 충약이 소화기 새 것 파는 것 보다 훨신 돈이 많이 남으니까-하고 다닐 것이고, 이 소방 가게 및 뒷 골목 충약 업자들이 검은 잠바입혀서 고용한 나까마들이 허럼한 봉고차 또는 승용차에 타고 돌아 다니기 시작할 것입니다.

조심 하세요!!!!!
충약은 소화기 메이커들도 못하는 아무 소용없는 짓이고, 소화기는 무조건 매 2-3년 마다 새 소화기로 바꾸어 놓아야 만일의 경우에 소화기로서의 역할을 다할 수 있도록 하는 것입니다,

중국은 소화기(분말 소화기는)의 수명은 3년으로 정해 져 있는데, 소한 민국은 아직 분말 소화기의 성능도 모르고, 구조도 모르고(특히 소화기 만드는 메이커도 모르고, 소방서 아찌들은 더욱 더 소화기에 대하여 전혀 모르고, 이를 악용하여 전국의 충약 업자들이 활개 치고 다니는 소방 행정의 공백으로 말미암아, 지진이나, 화재에 전혀 무방비이고, 전쟁이라도 난다면, 전국이 저절로 불바다가 될 것이 뻔한 이치입니다, 소화기는 일종의 전쟁 무기 입니다,

여수 사태에는 불량 소화기가 책임이 있습니다,

새 소화기이던, 충약(약제 교환, "소화기 점검 및 충약자 인적 사항"을 잘 보아야하고, 이 것이 바로 가짜, 사기의 증거 입니다)한 것이던 그 책임이 있습니다, 소화기를 쏘아서 불이 있는 곳 까지 닿지 않았다고 합니다,,,